Terms of Use

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia (hereinafter: Ministry) expresses its gratitude to the citizens for their cooperation in fighting the epidemic of COVID-19 disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, including the use of the “Stop COVID-19” application (hereinafter: Application).

  1. The Application is using completely new technologies and means of data processing, with an aim to enhance health protection and raising citizen awareness of an increased risk of infection by COVID-19 disease. It has been implemented in the competence of the Ministry, in accordance with the decisions of the Government of the Republic of Croatia - Decision on the development of a digital platform and interoperability for monitoring and control of infectious diseases from March 19, 2020, Decision with amendments to the Decision on the development of a digital platform from July 16, 2020, and the Decision of the Minister of Health on the establishment of cross-border interoperability of the mobile application for informing users of COVID-19 exposure for the purpose of public health interest in monitoring and combating infectious diseases from November 13, 2020.

  2. The Application purpose is notifying the Application user that his Application has been in an epidemiologically relevant contact with the Application of the person confirmed to be COVID-19 positive and therefore providing instructions to the user how to proceed if suspecting on infection caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus. Also, the Application allows the person confirmed to be COVID-19 positive to notify other Application users about the possible infection by COVID-19 disease.

  3. By installing the application with the activation of the cross-border data exchange setting, you will ensure that you receive notification of exposure in case of travel abroad or interaction with users of other authorized COVID-19 mobile applications in Croatia. Cross-border data exchange between national mobile applications for tracking contacts is defined by Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2020/1023 from July 15, 2020. At the time of updating these Terms of Use, the following EU countries have connected their interoperable applications to the European Federation Gateway Service (EFGS): Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latvia and Spain.

  4. The key advantages of the Application are: (1) ease of use because the Application requires minimal user activity; (2) the validity of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, which is based on the technology within the operating systems issued by Google and Apple to support the fight against COVID-19 disease; (3) collecting a minimum set of data, where personal data of other users are not collected, especially not data on the movement of users; (4) the data access, i.e. the list of anonymous keys of COVID-19 positive users of the Application, is allowed only to national health authorities.

  5. The Application is fully compliant with the Commission Recommendation (EU) 2020/518 of 8 April 2020 on a common Union toolbox for the use of technology and data to combat and exit from the COVID-19 crisis, in particular concerning mobile applications and the use of anonymized mobility data.

  6. The Application has been implemented according to the Common EU Toolbox for Member States “Mobile applications to support contact tracing in the EU’s fight against COVID-19”, version 1.0, from April 15, 2020, published by e-Health Network of the European Commission. The basic principles for the Application are that it is voluntary, approved by the national health authority, privacy-preserving and dismantled as soon as there are not any objective reasons for using the Application.

  7. The application is fully compliant with all guidelines and opinions of the European Data Protection Board on the use of location data and the interoperability of tools for monitoring contacts with infected persons in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  8. The risks usually associated with the use of mobile technologies, on which the Application is based, are manifested through possible non-transparency in the use of features that may allow intrusion into the private life of users as well as through possible misuse of the system. The authors of the Application applied the principles of privacy by design and privacy by default in such a way as to preserve the privacy of users, thus neutralizing these risks and minimizing them.

  9. Use of the Application is possible for all users with a smartphone, regardless of age, because the Application does not determine or verify this in any way. The use of the Application by a minor is recommended to inform the parents or legal representative.

  10. The use of the Application is also desirable for the purpose of further joint fight against the COVID-19 disease, for which the Government of the Republic of Croatia thanks the citizens in advance for using the Application. It is important that citizens provide true and accurate information when using the Application. The Government of the Republic of Croatia and service providers do not take responsibility for damage to the Application users due to providing false or inaccurate information, misuse of the system, non-compliance or misunderstanding of instructions given by the system in accordance with the latest guidelines and recommendations of the Government of the Republic of Croatia and other authorized bodies in relation to repressing the COVID-19 disease epidemic.

  11. The Application does not provide health advice nor is it tasked with replacing physicians or other healthcare professionals in the treatment of patients either related to COVID-19 disease or any other illness and infection. The Government of the Republic and the service providers of the Government of the Republic of Croatia do not assume responsibility for any damage that may occur by using the Application. Citizens are instructed to contact their family doctor, epidemiologists or other competent healthcare authorities whose contacts are available on the www.koronavirus.hr website, in case they do not understand the instructions or other communication through the Application, or if the system, despite the symptoms which coincide with the symptoms common in the case of coronavirus infection, does not instruct them to report further to health authorities. Citizens are in any case instructed to report to health authorities in case of severe symptoms such as shortness of breath or chest pain. Since the task of the Application is not related to diseases and infections other than COVID-19, citizens are instructed to contact the health care authorities in any case of injuries, symptoms of other diseases or infections.

  12. If you have technical difficulties using the Application, please contact us by e-mail at: mobapp@miz.hr.

  13. The Ministry holds the rights to change and update these Terms of use.

These Terms of use are published on November 16, 2020.